New Exhibit – Colorado Fuel & Iron Company’s Cutting-edge State-of-the art Hospital (1902)

At the turn of the twentieth century, Pueblo-based Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, the employer in the labor dispute that culminated in the Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914, operated a small empire in Colorado with company towns and camps, and its own healthcare system. In 1902, the company replaced its twenty-year-old hospital with a new and larger facility, employing the medical, scientific, and technological advances of the new century. The Medical Department’s annual report described it as “the most perfect in the world.”

Some examples of the changes illustrated in issues of Hospital Report of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company from the Health Sciences Library’s collections is featured in the exhibit case on the 3rd floor, between the elevator and the Special Collections Room.

[Emily Epstein, Cataloging Librarian]

electric&xray CF&I 1901-2