CLiC Spring Workshop Highlights

Colorado Library Consortium’s Spring Workshops were held this year in Grand Junction, Fort Morgan, and Pueblo. I was invited to attend the final session (Pueblo, Apr. 24-25) by a friend and colleague from the University of Denver. The theme and keynote speech were “Using the Power of Storytelling for Your Library”. While I first thought “Storytelling” would only be applicable to public or school libraries, and was unfortunately mostly irrelevant to the Academic setting in which I work, CLiC Organizer Wendy Norris’ speech proved me happily wrong. One of the suggested methods for increasing storytelling within libraries is to digitize photo collections or record living-history interviews. This is similar to something I know we’re doing with the #iheartCUAnschutz posts, as well as the Pinterest board featuring staffs’ personal collections.

The first session I attended was “Autism Spectrum Services: How & Why Is It Done? Up Close & Personal” to get a better idea what resources we could possibly offer if we do encounter a patron with an Autism-Spectrum disorder. “Best Practices for Weeding Library Collections” was informative – though I wish I had been able to take it before I completed the Reference Weeding Project (Nov.-Dec. 2013)! The only academic offering of the workshop was “From Library to Learning Commons: Transitioning from a ‘Book Warehouse’ to a Hub of Education, Inspiration & Collaboration”, which was exceptionally interesting, especially given HSL’s Strategic Plan Goal number 6: “Review the use of library space for innovative opportunities to enhance user satisfaction”. “Customer Service: Horror Stories & Happy Endings” was entertaining, if not quite as informative to one who has spent over a dozen years in the customer-service industry. Finally, I attended “Prevention is the Key to Repair”, hosted by a representative from Kapco (“book repair and preservation products”) which provided me with a considerable amount of hands-on repair experience!

I was also delighted to hear during the CLiC Update from Jim Duncan, Director of CLiC, that Colorado Libraries are more popular than the Denver Broncos! Statistics compiled by CLiC have determined that there are more people in Colorado Libraries in two weeks than have filled the Bronco’s stadium in the past twelve years!


[Amanda Langdon, Library Technician]