FYI: Are you negotiating a physician salary?

This time of year residents and fellows are often leaving campus for new professional opportunities and departments here are hiring new physicians.

Take some of the guesswork out of  negotiation with some salary surveys.

Visit the Library’s first floor Reference area to view the AAMC’s Report on medical school faculty salaries   W 18 A849r 2014  The 315 page 2014 publication reports on salaries during the 2012-2013 fiscal year submitted from 140 accredited U.S. medical schools. 

medscape salary surveyAn online source is the Medscape Physician Compensation Report.  The report is free, but registration with the site is required to view the report. A general overview and specialty
 are available.  Each year Medscape surveys 24,000 plus U.S. physicians in general and specialty practice in a variety of settings in all parts of the country.  Survey participation varies by specialty, so data for some specialties may only represent 200-400 participants. A chart

Medscape also offers several other interesting annual reports on ethics, work satisfaction, and insurers.  See how you compare with peers on these professional issues.  (Scroll down to the Reports in the Business of Medicine section.)

Educate yourself to ask for and offer the most competitive compensation!

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]