#iheartCUAnschutz Project – Anschutz Medical Campus through your eyes and in your voice

Do you love this campus? I sure do – the glorious sunrises and sunsets; the history of Building 500; taking the art walk; long walks during spring, summer and fall; art and medicine lectures at the Fulginiti Pavilion; art gallery at the Health Sciences Library; lunch at the Children’s Hospital cafeteria; groups of students studying hard at the Health Sciences Library; First Wednesdays; pancake breakfast on campus; geese strolling along campus; the hustle and bustle of work — I love it ALL.

Why don’t you share what YOU love about this campus. The Health Sciences Library has a project — #iheartCUAnschutz  — to bring all that we love about this campus together, in various media be it: Facebook posts, tweets, images, videos, blog posts, songs, poems, haikus, jingles and more!

Let us hear what YOU love about studying or working at a nationally renowned university, be it – Match Day, Professors and students with ‘Genius grant’ and scholarships, student camaraderie,  hard work of studying, the joy of discovery, the satisfaction of graduation, the engagement with other campus users, the thrill of a game of dodgeball or frisbee.

#iheartCUAnschutz — Help us capture the good times. Let it be your legacy, not just your memory.



[Cathalina Fontenelle, Web Applications Developer]