Special Collections Featured Book for March



Denver Health’s First 150 years by Eileen Welsome
“In 1860, when Denver’s dirt streets were lined with saloons and shanties, two officials decided to settle their political differences through a duel. When the roar of the shotguns subsided, one duelist was still standing and the other lay writhing on the ground. The man was eventually taken to a frontier hospital where two doctors bound up his wounds and did everything they could to heal him. Medicine was still more art than science back then and the man died.
The frontier hospital was a precursor to Denver Health, which has survived and treated countless gunshot victims, as well as patients afflicted with other serious wounds and illnesses. Located just west of Speer Boulevard, between Sixth and Eighth avenues, the hospital is one of the city’s oldest institutions and one of its greatest resources. … “
“In these pages, you will read about the hospital’s rough-and-tumble beginnings, its near-death in the 1950s, and its rebirth at the dawn of the twenty-first century. …”

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