eBeam White Board Capture

eBeam microphone & marker set

eBeam microphone & marker set

The Health Sciences Library now offers users the eBeam.  With whiteboard capture technology, you can save, modify, and share your whiteboard work online.  All your handwritten notes and drawings are saved to your computer so they can be edited, printed, emailed, and shared with anyone.  The Service Desk offers two eBeam packages, complete with Livewire & USB devices, four colored markers (red, blue, black, and green), a microphone for audio recording, and the Edge Wireless device.  Each kit also includes two Quick Reference guides with step-by-step setup and use.   You can check out one of our laptops (Dell, Mac, or Chromebook), or use your own!  For more information, check out the eBeam website at http://www.e-beam.com/products/why-ebeam.html.

Save your whiteboard work to your computer

Save your whiteboard work to your computer

[Details: Check-outs are for a full day, and the eBeam can be renewed at the service desk, as long as there are no holds on the product for other patrons.  As with all media devices and reserves, we ask that you please return them to the service desk before 11:45pm (7:45 on Fri/Sat).]

3 thoughts on “eBeam White Board Capture

  1. One user reported an overall good experience; however, he did add that if he paused for a bit before continuing, the edge device had to be “woken up” frequently.

  2. Hello HSL staff,

    I just spent an hour with eBeam in my office and have the following impressions.

    – The eBeam is very easy to set up and begin working with on a MacBook Pro
    – Four different colored markers write well
    – Very portable
    – Can export captured drawings to many file types

    – I did not find the ability to record my drawing and add my voice using the MBP microphone
    – Captured lines are thicker than real life lines making detailed drawing difficult
    – Too many artifacts in the capture digital drawing

    You can see a comparison of what I drew on my whiteboard and what eBeam captured here: http://i.imgur.com/bPYzKFj.png

    I do not think this will be a good solution for my projects recording line drawings with my added voice. There may be applications for this tool for other purposes.

    • Hello Dr. Pascoe,

      Thanks for the post and taking the time to come over to work us directly on your observations.

      The eBeam capture software for Mac’s does not have an integrated record mode but you can use the Mac’s built-in QuickTime Player to capture audio. We have placed a feature enhancement request with Luidia, the makers of eBeam.

      The Windows version of the software has the built-in audio recording feature. (OK, boo hiss don’t shoot the messenger)

      While replicating your whiteboard exercises here we placed the eBeam receiver at the top of the whiteboard instead of either side or the bottom.

      The results were dramatically different showing almost perfect fine line detail and virtually no derivation from whiteboard rendering to what we saw on the eBeam capture on the laptop.

      For anyone who would like to have a one-on-one eBeam whiteboard capture session or if you have general questions, please email Mike Campbell at the library – Michael.campbell@ucdenver.edu

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