FYI: ILLiad Statuses

Have you ever wondered what ILLiad statuses actually mean as your request is being processed?  Here is a short list of the most common statuses that you may encounter:

  • Awaiting Copyright Clearance:  This is the first queue that your request moves to after you’ve placed it; the Interlibrary Loan staff must approve it according to copyright guidelines.
  • Awaiting Request Processing:  This is the most likely queue that your request will move to after being approved for copyright purposes; the ILL staff will review your request as soon as possible.
  • In DD Stacks Searching:  If the library has access to an electronic copy of the request, or it is available in print in the stacks, this queue is where your request will move to after being reviewed; the ILL staff will be pulling, copying, and delivering your request shortly.
  • Request Sent:  If the library does not have access to the material that you’ve requested, the ILL staff must request it from another institution; your request has been sent to be filled by a potential lender.

There are many other queues in which your request may find itself, but the four statuses above are the most common.  If you ever have any questions concerning ILLiad statuses and where your request may be, please contact the Interlibrary Loan office at 303-724-2111 or

[Brittany Heer, Library Technician II]