Record your frustration with journal paywalls

open access button

Here at the Anschutz Medical Campus we have access to lots of lovely full text journal content, managed by the even lovelier librarians of our Health Sciences Library Collection Management team!   (This is our Library blog, so a shameless self reference seems appropriate!)

But there are limits to our resources so you will sometimes find we don’t subscribe to the journal that you need.

In that case, you may want to use our electronic Interlibrary Loan service.   But before you skip over to the Library’s website to put in a request, wouldn’t it be great if you could publicly register your frustration over the lack of easy, inexpensive access to the full text you need?

Now a group of students has come up with a simple way to ” put denied access to research on the map“.  Simply fill in a short form and add a link to your browser’s bookmarks bar.  Then when you look for a journal the library doesn’t subscribe to and isn’t free online, just click the button.  A short form pops up in your browser, you fill it in and click submit. open access button 2

Did lack of access “slow innovation, kill curiosity and harm patients”?  Or cause other harm to you, your project, or the community you serve?  Leave a short narrative to allow the Open Access Button to track your frustration.

The Open Access Button adds your info (you can provide as much or as little as you like) to a map.  As other researchers in your area add to the map, you will see an aggregate number of the comments available.

Related to this issue, how do you let the Library (and those lovely Collection Management librarians) know that you’d like us to obtain a book or consider subscribing to a journal?  Use the Library’s “Suggest an item to be added to the library collection” form.


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]