Shopping for an e-book reader or tablet?

This time of year “e-book reader” is on a lot of gift wish lists.   ebook-reader-or-tablet

There’s so many options now – should you get an e-reader that is offered by a specific bookseller (Kindle, Kobo, Nook), or go with an all around tablet and load apps for the different booksellers.

If you’re a smart shopper you’ve been looking for reviews.  TopTenReviews is offering guidance on both e-readers and tablets, so that you can make an educated selection.

Do you have a reader or tablet you love?  Tell us all why in the comments space below!

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

2 thoughts on “Shopping for an e-book reader or tablet?

  1. I love the Kindle Paper white. It’s my portable library. The e-ink screen is the easiest on the eyes. I gave away my Kindle Fire because it was heavy and the back lit screen caused too much eye strain. I also have a Samsung tablet and can read on it, but much prefer the Paperwhite. It has more book-like qualities but is lighter to carry and so easy to use.

  2. My Samsung Galaxy tablet scored kind of low, but I think it depends on whether you really leverage your tablet for e-reading.
    I can comparison shop for best value at Google Play, Amazon and B&N because I have both reader apps on my tablet. I got the independent bookseller app Kobo, because there are sometimes items I can only buy there. I also have ezPDF Reader (well worth the money) for full featured bookmarking, searching, comments and highlighting of pdf format books. And I have my local library’s Overdrive app (with access to Project Gutenberg for lots more).
    So the flexibility is what really appeals to me with my tablet.

    Happy e-reader shopping everyone!

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