Do you have a SciENCV?

SciENCV is a feature of PubMed My NCBI that will allow you to create a CV/biosketch for use in NIH and other grant applications.







When you log into My NCBI, you will see a panel in your dashboard for SciENCV.

You can choose to import information from an existing eRA account.

Or you can manually enter information using a form.  You will need to provide an ORCID author identification number.








Once you have uploaded information from your eRA account or manually entered information into the form, you can share your biosketch with others via a url.  You can also generate a pdf of your biosketch to share.

If you need to delete, add, or edit an element of your SciENCV, click the Manage SciENCV link.




Click “add another entry”, “show/hide entries”, or  Delete or Edit to update your SciENCV.

In the future you will be able to submit your SciENCV in place of the current NIH Biosketch, eliminating the need to keep an electronic biosketch document for submittal with grants.

If you have questions about creating a SciENCV, contact Ask Us at the Health Sciences Library.

For additional information about Author ID systems, see Find Your Scopus Author ID Number and Why should I create an Author Identifier?

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]