EndNote Basic Tutorial Now Available!

EndNote Web recently changed its name to EndNote Basic.  It’s still the great, free resource for reference management. And now it supports uploads of up to 2 GBs of attached documents, allowing you to keep your article pdfs and files in the cloud!

Please view a video tutorial if you’d like to learn how to sign up for an account via Web of Science, load references into your EndNote Web library from Web of Science, Google Scholar, or PubMed, and output the references in a reference list in a particular style and use “Cite While You Write” in MS Word.

Also available:

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

3 thoughts on “EndNote Basic Tutorial Now Available!

  1. 404 on web of science link.
    How about just a paper handout for how to sign up Web of Science acct. Am I correct I can get an instiutional acct?

    • If you can get into Web of Science (on campus or off campus with your login) then you are eligible for an institutional account.
      Click on the corrected Web of Science link above and then click Sign In on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Then click on Register.

      Or call the Library and someone will talk you through the account registration process.

      Or watch the video, which shows how to register.

      Lynne Fox, Education Librarian

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