Google Reader ceases July 1

If you’re a Google Reader user then you’ve probably seen Google’s announcement that it plans to phase out Google Reader on July 1, 2013.

Outlook RSS

Here on the Anschutz Medical Campus many Google Reader users will take advantage of Outlook 2010’s RSS Feeds feature, buried down the folder view under unused folders like “Junk E-Mail” and “Outbox” that most of us never use.  If you don’t use Outlook, there are many other alternatives.  Lifehacker blog recommends 5 alternatives, with Feedly winning audience favorite by a wide margin. Another blog mentions 12 alternatives. They options suit users who are novices to experts in RSS reader use.

RSS symbol

Adding feeds in Outlook 2010 is easy. once you’ve arrived at a blog, news website, or continuously updated website, look for the letters RSS or the RSS feed symbol – a square with a dot and two curved lines, sometimes in orange – click the symbol, copy the URL (it usually contains the letters xml).

When you right click on the RSS Feeds folder in Outlook, you can click Add a Feed.  Simply paste your URL into the dialog box and your feed will be set up in Outlook.

Outlook RSS Feed

Read the “Get Started” guide provided by Microsoft if you need more assistance, or feel free to Ask Us to visit your office so that a librarian can help you set up your feeds. Tech savvy folks may want to export an OPML file from Google Reader into Outlook, and How-to Geek provides instructions to facilitate that process.

UPDATED on June 17, 2013 with a link to an article with 12 alternatives.

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

One thought on “Google Reader ceases July 1

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The Lifehacker post is quite good. I’ve never tried RSS in Outlook but it seems like a nice option. Apple Mail also has built in feed reading capabilities. Feedly is a good service.

    I have ~700 feeds in Google Reader and check them everyday (~50 new posts). I am a huge fan of the Reeder iOS app that supports Feedbin. I exported my feeds from Google and then imported into Feedbin. So far I have been very pleased.

    Now I won’t miss a single post on HSL blog!

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