Quertle Life Sciences and Biomedicine for Quick and Easy Searching

Have you tried Quertle, the life sciences and biomedicine search engine that makes searching for gene information easier and more accessible?  Quertle makes searching for clinical diagnosis and treatment articles easier, too.

Quertle includes PubMed, full-text documents from BioMed Central and open access articles from PubMed Central. Quertle also searches the NIH RePORTER database of grant applications, TOXLINE, news from FierceMarkets Life Sciences and Health Care  and scientific whitepapers and research posters submitted to Quertle.

Quertle uses advanced linguistic methods to provide relevant results.  You can leverage “Power Terms” to search for entire categories of results.  Easy to use filters, including Key Concepts, help you explore your results and narrow futher for more relevant results.  Quick links on Quertle’s front page provide example searchers so that you can learn to search effectively in mere minutes.

The power of Quertle is in how it approaches searching.


Quertle provides a filter for groups of terms such as $Biological Processes or $Diseases.  Simply type your term and (for example filaggrin and ).  Quertle will suggest associated terms.  You can select one or continue typing in your own term.

Other search tips include using capitals in contexts that make sense, spelling out terms rather than abbreviating and using verbs (such as bind or activate or prevent) as keywords in your search strategy.


Quertle also suggests terms you might use to refine your search in a sidebar to the left of results. It shows your selections and lets you select and unselect terms to try different combinations.  If you want to add a term you don’t see in one of the suggested lists, just type it into the Also Containing search box.

Creating an account at Quertle offers lots of benefits and features. Customize your profile Organization by selecting  “University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus” to link to our full text. You can save search strategies and create custom filter sets for topics you commonly search.  You can even export to your favorite reference management tools.

There are several ways to link to full text. Many results also link directly to a pdf at the PubMed Central site.  Click the My Library link to connect to the Health Sciences Library’s full text.


Try Quertle and find out how fast and effective filtered searching can be!  Ask a Librarian if you need assistance or want a demonstration of this powerful search engine!

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]