We’re Not Monkeying Around!

The Health Sciences Library has designated the 2nd floor for quiet study in response to feedback from student users that they need a quiet environment to focus and study.  The Library has posted signs to remind users that the 2nd floor of HSL is a quiet zone.

When you are on the 2nd floor, please refrain from cell phone and other conversations.  Move to another floor of the Library if you need to talk.  Please close the door and be sure your group is quiet coming and going into study rooms.  Please note that our study rooms are not sound proof and loud behavior or phone conversations in rooms can carry to the next rooms as well as out in the halls.

Library staff members are available to reinforce our expectations for the 2nd floor.  We ask that patrons self-police and the noise of others; often reminding loud groups or individuals is enough to have them quiet down or move to another floor.  Please let us know if other Library users are loud on the 2nd floor by stopping at the service desk and we can help quiet them down.

2nd Floor Quiet

[Tami Hoegerl, Library Technician]