Library Staff participating in the University Giving Back Campaign, 2012

On December 5th, five members of the Health Sciences Library staff participated in the University Giving Back campaign – Melissa DeSantis-Besfer, Tina Moser, Lori Williams, Lynne Fox, Nell Able.  Lynn Schwalm donated items. For our activity, we chose the 11th Annual Joy Drive, sponsored by the Original Aurora Renewal and the Asian Pacific Development Center. We drove over at noon to the Martin Luther King, Jr. library (a branch of the Aurora Public Library) and were met by Peg Alt, project coordinator. She explained the program to us and showed us around so we could see all the various kinds of items that had been donated. In addition to our staff who went to the agency, we had one member who donated items to the organization.

Our first assignment was shopping! Peg gave us each a name of a client, and we filled a box with gifts such as household items, Christmas ornaments, clothing, toiletries, shoes – whatever was available for the person we were shopping for, based on a brief description. These recipients are clients of various non-profit agencies and programs.

After we had filled several boxes and her list of names was exhausted, we were asked to help straighten and sort the items on the tables – linens, blankets, knitted items, baby clothes and toys, books, etc.

We met volunteers from other organizations who were helping out also.

We worked through the afternoon, and were tired when we left, but felt that the work we had done was of benefit to this organization and the Aurora community. We also enjoyed some holiday music, warm drinks, and some snacks.IMG_2831IMG_2834IMG_2833


[Nell Able, Library Staff]