The ARTstor Digital Library

The Health Sciences Library now access to the ARTstor Digital Library.  ARTstor contains over 1.3 million different images covering a wide variety of disciplines, compiled for educational purposes.  Once you have created an user account, you will be able to access of all of the available features. You are able to use these images for any educational project including presentations and websites.  For the term “anatomy” alone there are over 649 images, some dating back to the ninth century.


For example, you could use an image like this Thomas Eakin painting titled “Gross Clinic” from The Carnegie Arts of the United States Collection for a project on surgery in the 1800’s.










Or this image of Leonardo da Vinci’s “View of the organs of the chest and abdomen of the vascular system of a woman,” drawing from the Windsor Castle, Windsor, England, United Kingdom repository for a project on the understanding of anatomy in the 1500’s.


The Health Sciences Library believes having access to this beneficial resource will assist researchers, professors, and students  in their teachings and studies to create visual interest in current projects and presentations.  Make the time to browse the ARTstor Collection and take advantage of this invaluable database.

[Deidre Adams-Buckley, Access Services]