PubMed Favorites

My NCBI account holders can now automatically add to a favorites collection (or quickly add a reference to an existing collection) with the PubMed Favorites feature.

Simply log into your My NCBI account, search as usual, and click on a hyperlinked title to view the abstract.  Click the Favorites button to quickly add an item to your favorites collection.  OR open the Favorites tool to add the item to an existing collection or to create a new collection.

You can manage your collections by clicking “Manage collections”.  This will redirect you to your My NCBI Collections.

You can use this window to delete collections, make collections public to share with another PubMed user (such as a collaborator, students, Facebook or a webpage) or edit your collection by deleting references you no longer want.

This is a convenient feature to speed up the process of storing items for future consultation.

For more tips, see the blog post “New PubMed Tricks”, posted on November 13, 2012.

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

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