Evidence Based Filter Resource TRIP Redesigned

TRIP  is a one stop resource for filtering high quality evidence based research. TRIP has announced a redesigned, easy-to-use search and results display that coincides with the 100 millionth search of the resource.

It’s a complete overhaul of TRIP with

  • results from a variety of high quality producers of evidence based information (such as the Cochrane Collaboration),
  • a new design (including logo),
  • rollover preview of individual results,
  • new features (like login through Facebook or Twitter),
  • tracking and favorites options for logged in users (including sharing through Facebook or Twitter),
  • powerful new tools (including a PICO search interface).

An informal and brief screencast  by the creator demonstrates some of the new features. A “How to Use TRIP” screencast with more information is also available.  It’s probably best to try TRIP yourself!

New search options:

New Results View:

Jon Brassey, TRIP’s creator, has chosen include some advertising at the site in an effort to keep TRIP free and available to users world-wide.  There is a firewall between advertisement and the search engine, so that advertising cannot impact the results to your searching.

On campus users will find that many links will connect to our resources.

Off campus users may need to identify a resource at TRIP, then use our Journals resource or link to PubMed to connect to the full text.  Or you may find it helpful to be logged into your PubMed My NCBI account.

If you use TRIP and would like some tips for connecting to content offered through TRIP, please contact Lynne Fox (lynne.fox@ucdenver.edu) to set up a brief training session.

If you like TRIP and want learn more


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]