Celebrating 5 Years of Service October 15, 2012

Save the date and help the staff of The Health Sciences Library celebrate our 5th anniversary on the Anschutz Medical CampusIn 1939 the Denison Memorial LIbrary was erected in its original site on the old campus at 9th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard with funds provided by the Denison family, a family of physicians.  By the beginning of the school year 2007 we were a very lonely library as most of the schools and offices had relocated to the Anschutz Medical Campus.

You can imagine the logistics it takes to move an entire library!  The staff worked for years planning the building and the move.  Finally the time had arrived and October 15, 2007 The Health Sciences Library opened in its present location on the Anschutz Medical Campus.  We couldn’t leave the whole building behind.  We had to take a piece of it with us.  While you are here, take the time to go to the socond floor and see the stained glass window with the Denison coat of arms that had been donated to us by the family and had been on display in the old Denison Memorial Library.

The celebration is from 11am-1:00pm on Monday, October 15 in the Health Sciences Library foyer.  There will be food, drinks and free gifts.  Come join the fun.  Share and learn the secrets your library has to offer.

[Helen White, Circulation Manager]

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