Library Budget Challenges

Many people are cancelling cable or satellite service these days because they either don’t watch much TV or have discovered they can view their favorite shows online for free or less cost.  When you no longer are getting good value for your money it just makes good financial sense to re-evaluate and stop paying for resources you don’t need or use.

The Health Sciences Library also re-evaluates our resources periodically and adjusts when we find low use.  Even if we had limitless funding, libraries would still want to make sure our collections were relevant. Recently we discontinued three resources:  ACP PIER, Clinical Evidence, and Essential Evidence Plus.  We found that use was low for these resources and other Clinical Tools were more popular.

We took this step because, like many households with stagnant or shrinking budgets, we have received the same or less for our resource budget over the last few years.  Costs for resources increase 5-10% each year, so each year we have to decide which resources can continue to be licensed.

All research universities, from Harvard to the University of California system face the same budget challenges.  American Public Media’s Marketplace business report discussed these challenges in a recent piece.

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[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]