HSL Helps Solve the Mystery of the Cowboy Corpse

Last spring, librarian Emily Epstein was contacted by a British film crew making an American version of the British TV series History Cold Case. In each episode in the series, now titled The Decrypters, a team of forensic anthropologists examine an unidentified body and try to determine as much as possible about that person’s life and death. “Cowboy Corpse,” the episode filmed in Denver, examines a body found in Cheesman Park in 2010. (The park was a cemetery from 1860 through the early 1890s.)

You may know Emily as our rare books specialist, and may have read some of her rare book profiles.  Emily helped the filmakers find information on health care in Colorado during the time the man probably lived and died, and specific remedies that might have left traces in his remains.

While “Cowboy Corpse” was the first episode filmed, it will be the fourth to be broadcast. The series debuts on Thursday, March 29 on the National Geographic Channel. “Cowboy Corpse” will air on Thursday, May 10, 11am – noon. National Geographic Channel is 276 on DirecTV, 186 on Dish Network, and  273 on Comcast cable. (Check your listings to verify the time and date.)


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

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