HSL LibX browser toolbar – 2.0 edition now available

The LibX browser toolbar is like taking the library with you on the web! Now available in version 2.0, the toolbar is now available for both Firefox and Google Chrome. more info | download

Sitting innocuously near the top right of your browser, a simple click on the icon brings up a search prompt. A selection of search targets are available, including the library’s FindIt Discovery Tool, Find Journals portal, IMPULSE library catalog, Pubmed, Prospector, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia. Search results open up in a new browser tab.

Users can also try out the right click functionality including DOIs and Pubmed ID (PMID) formats. Simply highlight any term and right click to obtain a number of LibX search options including Pubmed and Google Scholar. Right clicking can also be useful when you are off campus. Wherever you are and wherever you are on the Web, simply right click any journal web page to reformat the URL and sign in through EZproxy to get to the full text.

Try it today!