Article Linker Icon Change for Health Sciences Library

Beginning some time on Friday, 3/9/2012 Anschutz Medical Campus users in Pubmed and other databases will start to see a new icon for our Article Linker service.


image: Old Article Linker icon



image: New Article Linker icon



If you have questions or comments about either the new icon or the Health Sciences Library’s Article Linker service, let us know at .

3 thoughts on “Article Linker Icon Change for Health Sciences Library

  1. Logos are not as important as being able to download of pdf. There are too mant important journals for which we cannot obtain a pdf. Of all the overhead money this instiution receives from its faculty, too little goes for journal subscriptions and too much for administration salaries. If we faculty fail to be able to download a pdf while writing a grant, the effect should be considered an effect on the salary of some administrator as without top support from the library, less overhead for administration salaries, should be less salaries particularly in offices of chancellors.
    Charles Dinarello, MD
    Professor of Medicine

    • If you come across journals that you need but that we don’t have at the Health Sciences Library, please let us know. We can’t subscribe to every journal, but we evaluate all requests and we keep a “Wish List” of journals we’d like to subscribe to. We also look at the titles that are requested through our Interlibrary Loan service to see if there are heavily requested titles we should consider adding to the collection. You can tell us your requests by filling out our online form at or contacting Paul Andrews (, (303) 724-2113).

      – Melissa De Santis, Deputy Director

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