Ongoing Issue – CU AMC access to Nature journals at Children’s

Over the past months we have been contacted many times by CU AMC faculty working at Childrens Hospital, who are unable to access AMC-licensed Nature journals through our traditional proxy login process.

After many hours working with Nature Publishing and network administrators at both Childrens and AMC, we have still been unable to resolve these issues. However, to our knowledge, the problem has not been reported and does not occur at any other location other than Children’s.

Here are two solutions for getting acccess to CU AMC HSL-licensed Nature journals at Children’s. Depending on your workstation administration privileges, both may require your contacting the IT Help Desk at Children’s. Please note: you must be fully affiliated with Anschutz Medical Campus for these options to work.


  1. Install the virtual workstation option from . (May require local administrator privileges)
  2. Log in to CU Denver My Desktop
  3. Go to our library home page, then search for the Nature journal to which you desire access.
  4. At the point of accessing Nature full text, you will be presented with the hsl-ezproxy login page.
  5. Alternatively, you may access the Pubmed link from our library home page, then search for and retrieve all resources you need including Nature journal articles. At the point of accessing any licensed full text, you will be presented with the hsl-ezproxy login page.


  1. Install either the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  2. Proceed as in option 1 above.

We welcome any feedback anyone may have about the cause of the Nature journals issue at Childrens using Internet Explorer. Please use the comments option on this post, or email us at for individualized support.