Adler Mentored Scholarly Activity Award (Attention SOM Class of 2014)

FROM: Bruce Evans, MD, Chair, Adler MSA Award Committee

Dear Students:

It is my pleasure to remind you of the availability of a new scholarship fund, The Adler Mentored Scholarly Activity Award for Improving the Health of Patient and Communities (Adler MSA Award).

Stipends will be awarded for scholarly projects that will focus on improved health of patients or the community, overcome health disparities, and which contribute to our understanding of health and medicine. The award will be based on the current Mentored Scholarly Activity model, research fellowships will be made for research and scholarly activities in the following areas:
• Clinical Science
• Epidemiology and Public Health
• Humanities, Social Sciences and Medical Education
Projects that are in the area of Basic Biomedical Science will not be considered.

The award includes:
Up to 6 week MSA project internship ($500/week through financial aid office)
Reasonable costs associated with completing the proposed project

Applications will be two to three pages describing the medical research project and must include:
1. A specific question to be addressed
2. A detailed scholarly proposal, including background, methods, and analysis
3. A timeline for project completion
4. A budget (only if requesting support for project expenses)
5. A means of evaluation
6. A plan to disseminate scholarly results
7. A letter of support from the faculty mentor
8. A plan to address any additional Mentored Scholarly Activity or School of Medicine requirements.

Successful applications will include a strong involvement by community members as evidenced by letters of support, history of work with the applicant or detailed plans for engaging the community. Applications must include: a support letter from a faculty sponsor, and should comment on plans for dissemination of the research results, outcomes and evaluation both within the institution and to the broader community.

The application process is open now. The deadline for application submission is March 21st, 2011. Applications should be delivered to Terri Wood, Office of Student Affairs, Room 5312 ED2North. If you have any questions, Dr. Maureen Garrity, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, will be happy to answer them.