We are Mobile!

We’re there wherever you go … we’re mobile!

The library’s website has been optimized for viewing on your mobile phone or Web-enabled mobile device.  Visit the library’s website to be seamlessly redirected to the mobile version.  You will find useful resources just a touch away and your result screens are mobile friendly when you search information with the search box.  The mobile site includes:

  • Top resources: Medline, CINAHL, MDConsult, Micromedex, etc.
  • Journal searching
  • Chat or Ask a Librarian
  • Interlibrary loan service
  • Registering for library classes
  • Library news and events
  • Library hours, map & directions

Please provide us with your mobile experience comments and suggestions by clicking the Feedback link.

2 thoughts on “We are Mobile!

  1. Thank you for your question. Please contact the library’s PDA Expert, Lilian Hoffecker (lilian.hoffecker@ucdenver.edu) with questions related to running Micromedex on handheld devices or smartphones.

  2. Hello,
    I cannot figure out how to upload Micromedex onto my Droid phone. Is there an app that I am supposed to install?

    Thank you.


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