Vending Improves at the Health Sciences Library

After many comments and survey results from fall 2009, HSL recently upgraded options in the facility for food and drink in the library. A new snack machine and a small microwave have been installed on the first floor and our Pepsi machine has been relocated to the same space, room 1000F of the Information Commons. The additional vending and microwave should please the many students studying late and on weekends.

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HSL allows food and drink within reason. We ask users to take care and cover their cups with lids, bottles with caps and to always keep beverages and food safely away from computers and other technology. Library staff appreciate users cleaning up after themselves as do our custodial staff – – help keep your library clean! Mustard and Cheetos stains on the pages of books and journals are not appreciated by any researcher, so please wash up first and always use clean hands when handling the print collections.
Comments and questions can be directed to Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services, 303-724-2139 or to
Suggestions are always welcome at the customer service desk and staff can provide customers with comment cards anytime.