Live Building Evacuation Drill

Live Building Evacuation Drill scheduled for Friday, June 18th, 2010 7-9:30 am

The Health Sciences Library will conduct a live emergency evacuation drill this Friday, June 18, between 7am-9:30am. Patrons in the library during the drill can participate or “opt out”. Those who opt out will be given a sign to post on the door or pod where they are working. However, if they choose to participate they will be given a token for latte and cookies.
The Campus Police department is coordinating the live drill with the HSL staff. The objectives of this exercise are to assess the ability to communicate the presence of a threatening individual in the Health Sciences Library amongst the staff and to the patrons, and to successfully evacuate staff and patrons from the library.
• All exercise communication will begin and end with the phrase “This is an exercise.” This is a precaution taken so anyone overhearing the conversation will not mistake the exercise play for a real-world emergency.
• If you witness a violent event, please call Campus Police immediately :

      1. Dialing 911 on a Campus Phone


    2. Using a cell phone: 303-724-4444

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