RESOURCE TIP: Pubget: Instant Gratification for PDF Access!

Would your research life be easier if you were just one click from the pdf of an article you found in PubMed? Now you can search for PubMed articles in Pubget and instantly retrieve the PDF of an article. Pubget solves the problem of full-text document access in life science research. Instead of search results linking to papers, with Pubget’s proprietary technology, the search results ARE the papers. Once you find the papers you want, you can save, manage and share them — all online. (You must register for a free account.)

You can search keywords or journal titles in the basic search query box, or go to an advanced search form to search specific parts of a PubMed record. Below is an example of an advanced search using a keyword, journal title, author name and year.

You can easily open a new window to Pubget, select PMID from the menu, paste in a PubMed ID number, and click GO. Your search will retrieve the same citation from PubMed, then instantly open the pdf of the article.

Off-campus use of Pubget still requires a library login with your institutional ID, but once you log in, you will be able to view the PDFs associated with your search results.

Make sure you use the customized Pubget URL for Health Sciences campus – If you go to or you will get Pubget’s service, but it will not be customized to our institution’s online journal holdings. Also, please note that Pubget is recommended for Firefox and IE version 7 and above. It is not recommended for IE version 6 – particularly off campus use.

Questions? Contact Jeff Kuntzman ( ) or Lynne Fox ( ) for assistance.

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