HSL Welcomes SOM MSA Capstone Poster Presentations

On Thursday, March 1st, HSL will be hosting the School of Medicine’s Mentored Scholarly Activity Capstone Poster Presentations on the first floor of the library.

MSA Capstone Poster Session2

You can find more information about the event on their website.  The event is scheduled for noon-5 PM.  Check out the session times here:

What: MSA Capstone Poster Presentations
When: Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Where: AMC Health Sciences Library
Schedule: Student assignments will be sent out
Registration: 12:00 pm- 1:00pm.
Session 1: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm.
Session 2: 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm.
Session 3: 3:35 pm – 4:30 pm.

This is a very busy event and usually takes up most of the first floor of the library.  To all those regular patrons out there, please be warned it will be noisy and busy that day.

MSA Capstone Poster Presentations 2018


Fun, Weird Words

After recently coming across the 13th century term “forswunk” on the “British Medieval History” Facebook page, and sharing its delightful meaning with coworkers (“exhausted from too much work. To be ‘foreswunk’ is to be exhausted before you even begin”), we decided to share this and other fun, weird, and wonky work- or medically-relevant words with our wider readership.  Here are a couple to go along with ‘foreswunk’:

Fudgel (18th C): the act of giving the impression of working, but actually doing nothing.

Perendinate (19th C): to put off, specifically until the day-after-tomorrow.

It’s Back! Prospector @ HSL


Looking for a book that the Health Sciences Library doesn’t have? Prospector, a free borrowing system that includes many public & academic libraries in Colorado, as well as University of Wyoming, is back in business at HSL after a hiatus of over a year.

Requesting an item is easy for current Anschutz students, faculty, & staff- just go to https://encore.coalliance.org/iii/encore/?lang=eng and click on ‘Request an Item’. You’ll be asked to login using your last name and university student or employee ID number. When your item is ready for pickup at the library’s front desk, we’ll notify you by email.

For a full overview of Prospector and instructions on placing a request, go to https://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/prospector, or ask for details at the HSL Service Desk.


Fulginiti Pavilion Exhibit Catalogs

HSL has partnered with the Fulginiti Pavilion for Bioethics and Humanities to add the Fulginiti’s exhibit brochures and catalogs to the archives at HSL.


The Fulginiti generously donated copies of each of the catalogs that they have produced for their past exhibits, and these were added to the archive that is on the third floor of HSL.  If you would like to view any of the archives, special collections, or artifacts, please make an appointment with the HSL staff.

The digital version of these materials was also added to the digital repository.  Anyone can access the PDF versions of any of the brochures or pamphlets through the Digital Collections of Colorado.

Fulginiti Pavilion Exhibit Materials

HSL also worked to add a record for the collection as a whole to the library catalog, and also made the collection findable in WorldCat.

Fulginiti Pavilion Primo record

The past exhibit materials also exist in digital form on the Fulginiti’s website, and also the schedule of all upcoming events, including the current exhibit and the Arts in Medicine lecture series.

HSL will continue to advertise the Fulginiti’s events on social media, so check back on the social media channels for any reminders about upcoming events.  The Fulginiti Pavilion’s Manager of Operations & Educational Technology, David Weil, graciously agreed to continue the relationship and add future exhibit materials to the archive.

PROBLEM with Article Linker and Multiple Browser Tabs

Many of us use Pubmed and Article Linker to connect to full text. Today we have reported a severe problem to our system vendor (which provides the Article Linker function).

When clicking the Article Linker button from Pubmed, a new browser window or tab is opened with links to full text. We find that if you then go back to your Pubmed browser tab and search again, and again click Article Linker button on a different citation, the resulting “second” Article Linker window comes up with no metadata on the article and no links to full text.

The only resolution we now know is to make sure you only have one browser tab open on that “Article Linker” web page. Close extra browser tabs as soon as you’ve either followed them to full text or don’t need them anymore. We’ll update this blog post when the issue is resolved.

Screenshot of problematic Article Linker web page below, for reference:

February is Heart Month

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, February is also Heart Month.  Listed here are the information pages and links for different organizations who feature more information. This is just a brief list to spread awareness, there are many others!


The Heart Foundation: Heart Health Month


Heart Failure Society of America: Heart Failure Awareness Week 2018, Feb 11-17


American Heart Association: American Heart Month

American Heart Association

NIH (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute): American Heart Month

NIH American Heart Month

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: American Heart Month

US H&H Services Heart Month

Centers for Disease Control: American Heart Month

CDC American Heart Month

Million Hearts: American Heart Month

Million Hearts American Heart Month

Go Red for Women, the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and stroke.