Input Needed! Library resources being considered for possible cancellation

The Health Sciences Library subscribes to a number of “point-of-care” tools.  These are online information resources for answering patient-related questions during the daily practice of healthcare providers.  The aim of these resources is to synthesize available evidence on major clinical topics.  Some basic features shared by these tools include:

  • Synthesis of current evidence for diagnosis, interventions and therapy
  • Designed for rapid consultation at the point of patient care
  • Information that is evidence-based, frequently updated and contains links to relevant literature
  • Drug information, ICD coding, patient information, and smartphone apps

Why is the library considering cancelling subscriptions to these point-of-care tools?  Publishers continue to dramatically raise prices each year despite the challenging economic conditions faced by libraries across the nation.  The average annual price increase for a subscription to an electronic resource is 8%.  Because subscription prices increase every year, library resources need to be reviewed every year.  Evaluating “point-of-care” tools is the first phase of a process the library will undertake in the coming year that will involve evaluating all resources and asking for feedback from faculty, students and staff about their usefulness.  Since the library subscribes to a number of “point-of-care” tools, there is likely some redundancy that could be eliminated.

Currently there are five point-of-care tools that the library is considering for possible cancellation:

  • ACP PIER & ACP Journal Club
  • Clinical Evidence
  • DynaMed
  • MD Consult
  • First Consult
  • Nursing Consult

The Health Sciences Library is very interested in receiving feedback from Anschutz Medical Campus faculty, students and staff about the usefulness of these tools.  If you have comments or opinions about these resources, please let the Health Sciences Library know by April 25, 2012.  The library would like to know how you use these tools and why you find them useful.  Comments can be posted to this blog entry, given to your library liaison, or e-mailed to

55 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    As a third-year medical student, I use First Consult on a daily basis; it is a critical component of my diagnostic toolkit and treatment planning. Please don’t abandon this service

  2. Anonymous on

    As a second year PA student, I use First Consult, MDConsult, and Dynamed quite a bit for classes and also for rotations. I can’t imagine not having them available once I am clinic full time during my third year. They are such valuable resources and it is so helpful to have unlimited access to them as a student through the library and I plan on using them a lot next year, both on the computer and on my smart phone. Please don’t cancel them!

  3. Anonymous on

    As a rising MS3, I have found MD Consult and DynaMed helpful and plan to continue to reference them during the next two years.

  4. Anonymous on

    Dynamed is an excellent evidence based tools for clinical medicine. Also, the current University and library subscrition allows university affilitated students, staff and facult to use the dynamed mobile phone application. I see patients daily and used the tool nearly daily. I think it is much useful than uptodate and should not be cancelled.

  5. Dorie Hoody on

    As SOP faculty involved in teaching drug information to our students, all of these resources have their pros and cons and allow us to compare and contrast the information between resources. Having multipe “point of care” resources is a valuable teaching tool since students should be taught to check at least two resources (and sometime more). ACP Pier and Journal Club are wonderful for specific therapy questions and to help students understand literature evaluation. MD Consult/First Consult are very comprehensive when trying to get the big picture on a disease state. The only resource that is not utilized very much by me while teaching is Clinical Evidence.

  6. Anonymous on

    I used Dynamed, MDConsult and First Consult quite a bit, both during my time at school and when I was on rotations. They are excellent resources in finding clinical guidelines.

  7. Anonymous on

    Nursing Consult is usually the first place I go to start finding info. Very valuable, please don’t cancel.

    • Xochi Quetzal on

      I second that! Nursing consult is very beneficial in my practice as a nurse at UCH. Nursing consult and MD consult are used by many of my colleagues at the unit. I think it would be unwise to cancel them.

  8. Anonymous on

    Even as a second year student, I used these resources. I can imagine that at a new third year student that these resources will be invaluable.

  9. Anonymous on

    Dynamed, First Consult, MDConsult, ACP PIER are the only things I use from the library, canceling them would make the library almost completely useless to pharmacy students. Please don’t cancel them! I also use the mobile dynamed and FirstConsult apps on my iPhone and iPad, looking forward to using them on rotations.

  10. E. on

    Nursing Consult has been an indispensable resource throughout nursing school thus far. It is the first database i turn to for EBP and supplemental learning

  11. Anonymous on

    I use Dynamed, First Consult, and MD Consult frequently. They are often the first resources I use to look up information that I need either for studying or for my preceptor.

  12. RT on

    I use Dynamed and MDConsult frequently both in my schooling and at my preceptor’s office, and she will often pull up Dynamed and Uptodate in order to teach me about a condition a patient has. Please don’t take them away!

  13. Alison Winters on

    The Nursing Consult database is a valuable resource for the nursing program. Purchasing books is exceedingly expensive and hauling them around is back breaking. I love knowing that the text I need is a click away and that my school values the environment by providing paper-free course materials!

  14. Paige on

    Nursing Consult is an invaluable resource. It’s useful for all my classes so far, and I imagine will continue to be useful in my upcoming classes. Such a valuable tool should continue to be offered. This subscription is one of the reasons (for the first time ever), that I look at a library and think my library fees are being used in a way that actually benefits me.

  15. Blair on

    I’m an MS4, so I no longer really have a horse in this race, but I’ve used Dynamed daily for about two years now, and I use uptodate wherever it’s available. I’ve found Clinical Evidence to be too general to be of much use. I use e-textbooks (Harrison’s, Trauma, and Gabbe’s Obstetrics) about as much as any of these other resources, but textbooks and point-of-care clinical decision-making aids serve different purposes.

  16. Anonymous on

    I use MD consult frequently and find it a very useful part of my educational toolkit.

  17. Steven on

    I use MD consult/Dyna Med and Up-to-date all the time.

  18. Joel on

    MD/First Consult are my first line, go to resources for clinical question. I use the every day and they are currently essential tools in my learning process.

  19. Laura W on

    I use FirstConsult and MDConsult several times a week. Please do not unsubscribe from these resources. They are my first choice for learning about a particular topic, because I know the information is reliable and easy to find. The ability to access Robbins & Kotran Pathologic Basis of Disease is also extremely helpful with medical school classwork.

  20. Courtney on

    As a first year medical student, I too use Dynamed, MDConsult and First Consult – and it seems like these tools are even more essential to clinical education in the third and fourth years of the MD program. As other commenters had mentioned, we need these tools and would have to buy subscriptions ourselves if the school could not provide them – I’m sure we’d be willing to pay in our tuition for the annual price increases that the library experiences. Please do not cancel subscriptions to these valuable resources.

  21. Anonymous on

    MD/First Consult have many helpful textbooks such as Robbins & Kotran Pathologic Basis of Disease and Clinical Dermatology by Habif, which I’ve used in my first year of med school. Buying just these two books would run close to $250. I sometimes use the clinical tooks as well, and I would like to keep the ones that third and fourth year med students find especially helpful. I’d be curious to hear how pricing options may vary. For example, does it cost more to make these resources avaiable to anyone on campus (or with a university tech account) vs a select group of likely users?

  22. Anonymous on

    I too use MD Consult and First Consult several times a week as a med student and would not have good alternatives if they were canceled.

  23. Brian on

    MDConsult is valuable for my work as a medical student. Please reconsider canceling the above resources.

  24. Anonymous on

    These tools are some of the most efficient and effective ways to look up quick concepts as well as more detailed research. It would be a disservice to the campus community to remove these valuable resources

  25. Anonymous on

    I use MDConsult and FirstConsult at least once a week to help me in my schooling. I find that these are a wonderful resource, and I would be very disappointed to lose them.

  26. Julie on

    I use First Consult and MD Consult at least weekly and would be directly affected by canceling the school’s subscription. Please don’t take away this valuable resource!!!

  27. AM on

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t take these away!!! I use them weekly and don’t know what i would do without them. They are essential tools for our health professional education!!!

  28. Anonymous on

    All of these are essential and they CANNOT be taken away. I you the weekly for school and I don’t know what I would do if they were not available anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get rid of them!!!!!

  29. Chloe Wood on

    Nursing Consult is an extremely valuable resource. All nursing students use this (many almost weekly) and discontinuing it would affect all of us in the nursing program negatively. I hope the large amount of feedback will lead the university to keep this portion.

  30. Margo Smith on

    As a nursing student in my first semester I find that I use the online resources through the Health Sciences Library, especially Nursing Consult, quite a bit to look at research-based, clinically sound information pertaining to topics that I need to be aware of as I embark into the health field. I sincerely hope that Nursing Consult does not get cancelled as I look forward to using it in future classes as well. It is invaluable. Thank you.

  31. Amber Perry-Tomaskovic on

    Please do not get rid of Nursing Consult. It is essential for nursing who desire to maintain EBP and would be detrimental to our practice. I personally access Nursing Consult at least 4 times a week.

    ~Amber Perry-Tomaskovic
    current BSN student

  32. Ellen Kahle on

    As an accelerated BSN student, I use Nursing Consult weekly for class reading material and research. I think it’s an invaluable resource and I’d hate to see it go!

  33. nolan bouchillon on

    I use nursing consult every week! Please do not get rid of this vital resource.

  34. Jeanene on

    I use Nursing Consult regularly. It is a very valuable resource for nursing students, and discontinuing it would be highly detrimental to those of us who rely on it for evidence-based practice and research information.

  35. Robin Robinson on

    I am a student in the accelerated BSN program and regularly use Nursing Consult to access online texts. I refer weekly to a text by Ackley for several classes and use the consult to access scholarly articles as well. Nursing Consult is a highly valuable and oft-used tool in our program. I strongly encourage the university to continue its use.

  36. Laura Knoll on

    I love that as students we have access to online library resources. I use nursing consult ALL the time, as part of our evidence-based practice studies and reference for learning.

  37. Bethany on

    I use Nursing Consult and MD Consult on a daily/weekly basis. I think they are invaluable to a campus/hospital rooted in EBP.

  38. Anonymous on

    I use MDConsult and Up to Date on a regular basis. The information is easy to read and accurate. Both are easy to navigate and they are a major resource for a lot of students within my program

  39. Anonymous on

    I use MD Consult and First Consult regularly as diagnostic and learning tools.

  40. Anonymous on

    I use MD Consult and First Consult. They are very useful during rotations.

  41. L on

    I use Dynamed, MDConsult and many of the other listed subscriptions that are essential to learning medicine. Please do not cancel them.

  42. Anonymous on

    First consult and MD consult cannot go.

  43. Clint McBride on

    MD consult, Up to Date, and First consult are among the most valuable resources available to medical students for clinically relevant and rigorously reviewed information. They are prohibitively expensive for medical students to access without the school’s help. Please continue to subscribe!

  44. Scot on

    I use MD-Consult, First Consult and DynaMed almost every day. They provide an excellent resource for both studying and while on clinical rotations. I would be at a loss w/out these resources!

  45. Anonymous on

    I find MD Consult very useful.

  46. Anonymous on

    I love MD consult.

  47. Anonymous on

    MD consult is a very valuable tool that supplements the information on up to date quite nicely. You can find much more detailed basic science type info on MD consult, as opposed to up to date which is more strictly clinical. At least as a student resource, I think that MD consult is one of the best.

  48. Margaret on


    Thank you for encouraging feedback on this topic in order to make this decision. I am a third year medical student and rely heavily on uptodate and mdconsult in my day to day learning and growth in the practice of medicine. In the past I have used Dynamed as an alternative,but prefer uptodate now that it is available off campus. Having an off-campus site us critical- and uptodate is preferable. I have not used the other resources regularly so cannot weigh in on their utility. Thank you again!


  49. Jacob Nacht on

    I use Dynamed and MDConsult and First Consult regularly, the library subscription allows me to have several of these on my phone. It would be a huge disappointment to lose these, as it would require individual students to buy at least one of them. Additionally, they are used extensively during the small group problem based learning groups in the SOM. They offer an accurate, consistent alternative to Wikipedia. Please keep them.

  50. Suzette on

    I use MD Consult and First Consult all the time for class and prep for simulations. it is an essential resource, in my opinion. (PA program)

  51. Gail Armstrong on

    I teach in the CON and use Nursing Consult regularly. Additionally, I teach my pre-licensure students how to search Nursing Consult, as it provides access to electronic books that they don’t have elsewhere. I would hate to see us lose Nursing Consult. It is a great resource for our nursing students.

  52. Anonymous on

    I love MDConsult and use it all the time for classes and when on clinical rotations. They are valuable tools for students.

  53. Sonja Hanson on

    I use these resources all the time for classes and clinic and am not sure what I would do without them. They help me know what information is up to date and with basic to more advanced clinical inquiries. Please don’t cancel them, they are a necessary resource for all students!

  54. Sherrie Montellano on

    I personally use Dynamed and MDConsult quite a bit in my schooling and when I am on rotations. I would hate to lose these tools. I use them on campus, at home, and through my smart phone all the time.

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