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Poster Presentation: Diversity terms unbound: explore, engage, envision research through PubMed and the Health Sciences Library by Lynne Fox and John Jones from Digital Collections of Colorado

poster fox jones

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  • Networking: Open the channels of communication in your field.
  • Visibility: Get online access to your own work and publications and that of your colleagues anytime, anywhere.
  • Open Access: Get unrestricted access to scholarly research and other resources in the repository.
  • Stability: Maintain your scholarly record with persistent urls in a platform designed to last.
  • Impact: Descriptive information about your deposited work will be indexed by Google and other search engines. Research suggests that open access to online articles may increase citation impact by 50-250%

Medical Apps

Did you know the library provides access to some top medical apps?

dynamed  Isabel  UTD new app  visualdx  Micromedex
(click on the app to find access instructions)

FYI – New ideas for smart study snacks

Get your hand out of that bag of chips, and try these healthy, portable, inexpensive snack options.  Well maybe not that Chocolate Avocado Pudding.  That’s just not right!

[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librairan]


Library hours change and access increases for the University community; public facility hours decrease a little but not too much. Students on the AMC have desired 24/7 late night access for many years and now HSL delivers!

Beginning Oct 13, 2014 Health Sciences Library increases access for the CU AMC University community by offering badge-ID access 24/7 after library closing times. The effort has been made possible through the work of various campus stakeholders along with the library. Security enhancements to the library facility were made over the summer, and library staff have ready new closing procedures to help with the transition. The library decreases its public facility hours from 101 per week to 91 hours/week but access is greatly expanded for students. The library will be closing up services and locking its doors two hours earlier on Sunday – Thursday evenings at 10pm. Friday and Saturday closing times remain the same at 6pm.

Closing times apply to the general public and unaffiliated who must exit the library at the announced & posted time. University students/staff/faculty with their AMC campus ID badge will be allowed to stay in the facility after closing time. Campus badge ID must be in your possession; no exceptions will be made. Library staff and/or University Police may ask to see badge ID any time after the library closes.

Health Sciences Library Public Access Hours, Oct 13, 2014 – June 2015.
During these posted hours library staff are on duty and our service desk is open:

Sun 10:00 am –  10:00 pm
Mon-Thurs  7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri  7:00 am –   6:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am –  6:00 pm
  • CU AMC students/employees have badge-ID access to the library 24/7
  • Have visible & be able to present University badge ID to remain past closing time
  • Library staff will check for and ask to see University badge IDs

Any person lacking the proper University campus badge ID will be directed to exit the facility immediately after closing times. Library staff will come around and do this after our service desk closes.

University users in the library who suspect unauthorized individuals are in the facility after closing should contact campus Police at 303-724-4444.

Emergency buttons have been installed throughout the building on all floors. They are the yellow devices on the wall labelled “In case of emergency, lift cover, push button.” A blue police emergency tent is on the wall above each yellow panic alarm. Campus police will respond when the red button is pressed.

Blue Emergency Signage     Yellow Emergency Alarm

Library materials may not be checked out/removed when the service desk is closed. Users are discouraged from leaving checked out library materials on the service desk after closing when library staff are not available. The library cannot guarantee that your returned items will be secure/safe sitting on the service desk. Library users should return laptops and other special/sensitive materials they have checked out in their names during regular open service hours and when staff are on service desk. There is an outside book drop near the front entrance and an interior book drop on the far end of the service desk for the return of books and journals.

Students and other University users agree to abide by the library’s Conduct policy [http://hsl.ucdenver.edu/policies/conduct] at all hours and to act in proper manners which promote an atmosphere conducive to study and research.

Contact our service desk during staffed hours and by phone at 303-724-2152 for any questions. You may also contact Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services (303-724-2152 | douglas.stehle@ucdenver.edu) for further information.

Health Sciences Library’s Stethoscope- finalist as one of Colorado’s most significant artifacts.


The Health Sciences Library recently nominated one of our unique artifacts, an original Charles Denison stethoscope, to the Colorado’s Most Significant Artifacts competition. Voting on Colorado’s 10 Most Significant Artifacts is open at https://collectioncare.auraria.edu/content/vote-colorados-2014-most-significant-artifact/ and ends on October 31st, 2014.  The competition is organized by Colorado Collecting to Collections (https://collectioncare.auraria.edu/).

The Colorado Connecting to Collections Initiative aims to increase awareness and garner support for the amazing collections that Colorado had in our libraries and museums. It is also concerned with the preservation of Colorado’s cultural legacy.
The artifact that the Health Sciences Library nominated is a binaural stethoscope created by Dr. Charles Denison in the early 1880’s. The stethoscope was widely accepted, but since Dr. Denison didn’t patent it, it was often copied and sold under the Denison name. Dr. Denison finally wrote to the Medical Record on October 22, 1882 to complain not only about the cheap copies, but to lay out his ideas of what made a good stethoscope.
Dr. Charles Denison moved to Colorado for his health, and while in Denver did influential work on the climate of Colorado and its benefits to patients with tuberculosis. He served as Chair of Chest Diseases and Climatology department at the University of Denver. After his death in 1909, his wife Ella Strong Denison donated the initial funds to build the Charles Denison, M.D., Memorial Library at the University of Colorado Health Science Center at 9th Avenue and ColoradoBoulevard, from its completion in 1937 to the relocation to The Anschutz Medical Campus in 2007.

The Charles Denison stethoscope can be seen in the Reading Room on the third floor of the Health Sciences Library, along with several other Denison artifacts.

Register Now! Ensembl Genome Browser Training – Thursday October 23, 8-5pm

ensemblThe Health Sciences Library is pleased to present Ensembl Genome Browser Training with Emily Perry, PhD, a member of the EBI’s Vertebrate Genomics Team. This is a special class and will be offered this one time only.  Register today, because space is limited.  REGISTER NOW!  

 The workshop will be held Thursday, October 23, 2014, 8am to 5pm, Teaching Labs 1 and 2, Health Sciences Library, Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado 

The Ensembl project provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of, mainly vertebrate, genome sequences. This one-day workshop offers participants the possibility of gaining lots of hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser but also provides necessary background information. The workshop is primarily targeted at wetlab researchers. Graduate students, PRAs, post-docs, and faculty are all encouraged to attend.

The workshop consists of the following modules. Most modules consist of a presentation and demo, followed by ample opportunity to do exercises and ask questions.
·         Guide to regional, gene and transcript views in Ensembl
·         Data retrieval with BioMart retrieving complex / large datasets using the data retrieval tool BioMart

Depending on your interests we may also cover:
·         Regulation: “best guess” set of regulatory elements, segmentation tracks
·         Variation: sequence variants, structural variants
·         Comparative genomics: gene trees and homologues, whole genome alignments
Once registered you will receive a confirmation message that will ask you to fill out a survey so that Dr. Perry can design training that meets our campus preferences.

Participants are encouraged to bring problems/questions about their research to try to tackle these during the workshop using Ensembl.  REGISTER AT:  [URL will go here]

Note: Most examples and exercises in the workshop will be focused on human as this is by far the richest annotated species. However, most of what is taught in the workshop can be applied to other species in the Ensembl browser as well as to the species in the Ensembl Genomes browser, that contains genomes of invertebrates, protists, plants, fungi and bacteria (http://www.ensemblgenomes.org).The only prerequisite for this workshop is general knowledge of molecular biology and genomics and a familiarity with web browsers.

Lunch is on your own. Food is allowed in the Library and microwave, refrigerator, and drink vending is available near the classroom.  Directions to other lunch options available at: http://goo.gl/JSsjS

Directions to the Library can be found at: http://hslibrary.ucdenver.edu/directions
The Teaching Labs are at the north end of the first floor of the building.


Questions?  Contact lynne.fox@ucdenver.edu or 303-724-2121


[Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian]

Trial Access: Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) EBP Database


The library has a 1 month trial set up for The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) EBP Database in Ovid.

JBI covers a wide range of medical, nursing, and health science specialties and includes:

- Evidence Summaries
– Evidence–Based Recommended Practices
– Best Practice Information Sheets
– Systematic Reviews
– Consumer Information Sheets
– Systematic Review Protocols
– Technical Reports

JBI screen


Questions or feedback? Please contact Yumin.Jiang@ucdenver.edu


Walk Stations & Wellness at the Library

Health Sciences Library is pleased to announce the arrival of two walking treadmills to provide healthy studying and lifestyle options for library users.

Our new walk stations:

  • Operate at low speeds so you can read, watch video, use your laptop, etc.
  • Come with a height-adjustable table over the treadmill for your laptop, a book, etc.
  • Are a great way to stretch your legs and take a break from extended studying and sitting.

The two walk stations will be located on the first floor of the library in our vending area. Ask for directions at our service desk anytime.

Join us for a fun and active showcase of the stations on Tuesday, September 9 and Wednesday, September 10 at 12 noon – 1 pm.

walk station event final

During the event the walk stations will be setup in the first floor lobby. Library staff and Wellness Center specialists will be available to answer questions and show you the basics. Hop on and take some steps. A limited supply of bottles of water and light snacks will be available. Can you setup your Google account on the library’s Chromebook easily on a walk station? Come try one and see!

What are your three libary wishes?

If the Library Genie granted you three library wishes, what would they be?LibraryWishes_button

From Sept 2 – 22 you have the opportunity to let us know!

In 2013, the library solicited wishes from users as part of our strategic planning process.  The feedback we received was outstanding, so we are asking for wishes again this year.

  • Are there resources or services you’d like to see the library offer?
  • Has the library implemented enhancements that you’d like to see more of?
  • How could the library better assist you with your research, education or clinical needs?

Now is your chance to let us know!

Submit your three wishes to the library genie today!  Your wishes will be anonymous, but if you’d be willing to talk more with us about your wishes you can include your name and e-mail address.

Thanks for your input, and happy wishing!

New Staff at HSL

 Tobin Magle

Tobin Magle is the Health Sciences Library’s new Biomedical Sciences Research Support Specialist. She has a PhD in microbiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her thesis work centered on the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii. If you’ve ever heard that women shouldn’t scoop cat litter during pregnancy, T. gondii is why. This parasite causes severe disease in fetuses and immunocompromised individuals. Tobin specifically studied how a specific gene, TgPL1, helps the parasite evade the host immune system and develop into a chronic cyst form in the brains of mice. Tobin also completed postdoctoral research at Loyola University Chicago studying malaria, a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. This work included validating drugs that could be used to block malaria transmission, and determining how non-coding parasite RNA facilitates the development of the transmissible form of the parasite. Tobin plans to use her research skills to assist the researchers on the Anschutz medical campus with their work and to facilitate stronger connections between the Health Sciences Library and biomedical researchers.

She grew up in Michigan, the only child of Italian and Irish immigrants. This job has given Tobin her first opportunity to live outside the Midwest. Her husband Seth has a PhD in wildlife biology, and they have two cats, Rubix and Lulu. In her free time, she enjoys such kitchen-related activities as cooking (primarily Italian food), canning, and pickling. Dancing and walking while listening to podcasts are some of her preferred ways to enjoy downtime, as are hiking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking, all made available now that she’s on the front range.

Welcome, Tobin, to HSL and to beautiful Colorado!

[Amanda Langdon]


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